The Bronze Diamond
By Amber Michelle - Chief Curator & Storyteller

With tawny tones and earth shades the darlings of fashion, it seems like the right time to showcase this fabulous natural bronze-colored, heart-shaped diamond.

Bronze Diamond Origins

The Bronze Diamond was discovered in Brazil before making its way to New York City, where it was cut and polished. The original rough diamond was 11.92 carats. Due to the complex internal structure of the stone, it had to be polished very carefully.

When a colored diamond is cut, the primary objective is to bring out the best color in the stone. That is why you see colored diamonds in fancy shapes far more often than you see round colored diamonds. Certain shapes bring out the best in the rough.


Cutting the Bronze Diamond

When you first look at a rough diamond, it is hard to tell exactly what color it will be when the polishing process is complete. A really good diamond cutter knows how to follow the directions from the stone to bring out its best color. With the Bronze Diamond, as the cutter began working on the rough diamond, flashes of orange began to appear. He followed those flashes of orange, knowing that they would lead to the best possible color for the finished diamond. The rough also had a groove in an area of the stone that lent itself well to the heart shape.

While it took about a month to cut and polish the Bronze Diamond, many months were spent examining and mapping the stone before it was cut. It had a smaller sister stone that the cutter worked on first, which provided an example of the potential color of the diamond. Once the polishing was completed, the Bronze Diamond was sent to the Gemological Institute of America  (GIA), where it was examined and given a report noting that it is a 6.02-carat, natural fancy yellow-brown diamond. It is the modifying yellow tones that give the Bronze Diamond its lively orange flashes and peachy tones.


The Color Message

Every diamond has its own special message. The depth of color of the Bronze Diamond sends the message of warmth. The heart shape, of course, is the message of love. The Bronze Diamond has multiple expressions of beauty. When the stone is turned in the light, it shifts color, the vibrant orange flashes softening into velvety peach tones and flickers of yellow.

The Bronze Diamond is set in a specially alloyed gold. Its custom color glows like embers in a fire, which harmonizes perfectly with the gem. The setting is accented with white diamonds, all hand-selected especially for this pendant.

With fashion’s current fascination with earth tones, the Bronze Diamond is the perfect fit. Its rich hues will blend beautifully with colors that range from cool camel to deep espresso and khaki green to rosy pink. But the Bronze Diamond goes well beyond the runway fashion colors of the moment. Its beauty will complement the wearer each and every time it is worn for many generations to come.