16 Ways to Layer & Stack Your Jewelry
Amber Michelle - Chief Curator & Storyteller
Julie Romanenko

Layering and stacking necklaces, bracelets and rings is one of the most personal ways to wear jewelry. You can put a few things together that you have in your jewelry box to create a bigger look, or a whole new style. Pieces you’ve had tucked away will get an entirely new cycle of wear when layered or stacked. Stacking and layering allows you to tell your own story through your jewelry and to create your own personal expression of style. My friend, jewelry designer Julie Romanenko of Just Jules in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an expert on the subject of stacking and layering. Julie has created a collection of jewelry that is meant to be stacked or layered. She stopped by my office while visiting New York City and offered up a few style tips.

Necklaces by Just Jules

I love what Julie has to say about layering necklaces: “Why wear one necklace when you can wear seven?” she asked me.  I totally agree.

  • For starters, it’s mix and match — anything goes; that’s what makes it personal.
  • Knowing that we are all time challenged, Julie suggests planning out your layered look in advance in order to avoid the “I’m too busy in the morning” moment that we all go through.
  • Layer in lengths graduating from smallest to largest, with the longest necklace falling on the bottom.
  • Mix metal colors, different types of chains, beads, gemstones and pearls. Julie pointed out that it adds texture and makes the look more interesting by mixing it up.
  • Use odd numbers — layering and stacking in odd numbers creates an asymmetrical look that captures the eye and entices it into moving around to all of the pieces.
  • This is one of those times when more is better, so when you think you are wearing enough necklaces, add another piece to make it look more abundant.
  • Wear small earrings when you layer necklaces to create balance.



Bracelets by Just Jules

Layering is not only about necklaces — you can layer and stack bangles and bracelets for an armful of fun. Be open and playful and try lots of combos so you can to see what you like best.

Julie says the sky is the limit when stacking bracelets. Her philosophy: Wear as many bracelets together as you are comfortable wearing. The more you wear, the more dramatic the effect. The reverse is also true. If you wear just three, the look is more subtle.

  • To make it more interesting, mix both vintage and new bracelets in your stack.
  • If you love a wide cuff, you can still layer it by wearing narrow cuffs or bangles on each side of it.
  • Mix hard bangles with soft chain link bracelets.
  • Create a theme with a color or gemstone.
  • Blend different finishes and textures for a more striking style.
  • Wear a bunch of charm bracelets with a single charm, or more for a fun, funky vibe.


Rings by Just Jules

Stacking rings is an interesting way to wear your rings when you can’t decide on just one to wear. You can solve the issue by wearing a stack of rings together.

  • Three is the minimum number of rings to wear when stacking. Julie says stack your rings until your knuckle won’t bend.
  • Blend textures, widths, metals and stones. Create a stack you really like and then change one ring for a whole new style.
  • Julie suggests wearing vintage and new rings together for maximum visual appeal.