Top 5 Jewelry Trends 2019
By Amber Michelle – Chief Curator & Storyteller

Gold, platinum and diamond hoops by Ray Griffiths, shop now.

What to wear and what not to wear are key questions for fashionistas everywhere. That conversation is not just limited to clothes, handbags and shoes — it also includes jewelry. While fine jewelry is meant to be timeless and good design holds up through the years, there are always pieces that speak to the here and now. Those are the jewels that work best with current fashion. So, what are those trending jewels in 2019?

Hoop Earrings. From dainty and petite to oversized, hoops are creating a hoopla. While they are on trend right  now, hoops are a staple of any jewelry wardrobe. There is, of course, the classic hoop that we all love, but hoops have dressed up a bit. You can find them in slightly different shapes, such as an octagon. Forward-facing hoops are a fresh take on this favorite, as are hoops with charms. Especially those with removable charms that can be changed out or left off so that the simplicity of the hoop shines.

Hand-carved citrine and pink sapphire ring by Naomi Sarna, shop now.



Color. The recent Fall/Winter 2019/2020 runway shows were bursting with a kaleidoscope of color. You can tap into that trend with some fabulous colored gemstone jewelry. Fuchsia, purple, orange and yellow are top picks for the season. If you don’t want to commit to a head-to-toe look in these vibrant hues, join the party with a fabulous jewel in one of those exciting shades.

Pearl, sapphire, tsavorite garnet and gold Gelato Scoop pendant by Rosa Van Parys, shop now



Pearls. When we say pearls, we’re not talking about grandma’s strand. Pearls have become — dare we say it — cool. Throughout history, pearls have been a favorite gem. At one time they were the most expensive, rare and sought-after gems, available only to royalty and those favored by royalty. Today, pearls are much more accessible and ubiquitous. Jewelry designers are using pearls in more innovative ways than ever before, yet they still remain a statement in understatement.

Rose cut diamond and gold ring by Vivaan, shop now



Old Cut Diamonds. We love the soft sparkle of old European, cushion and rose cuts. They have a wonderful shimmer that is magical and romantic. Designs take on a whole new aura when old cut diamonds are used, yet they look thoroughly modern in contemporary designs. They add a certain uniqueness to jewelry that adds an heirloom quality.

Diamond, yellow and rose gold and oxidized silver Flying Lily necklace by Dana Bronfman



The Y Necklace. An easy go-to piece of jewelry the glamorous Y necklace is making a comeback. Long and streamlined, it looks lovely with very low-cut necklines or worn down the back with a deep V plunge. Some Y necklaces are shorter, but still flattering as they elongate the look of your neck.