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Victorian Gold and Diamond Ring


Item#: RC140

Jewelry always tells a story and this Victorian-era ring shares a tale that may be based on Greek or Roman mythology. A beautiful woman with long flowing hair holds a diamond mirror for a bearded man. Mother Earth and Father Sun perhaps? During the late 1800’s it was customary for Europeans, especially the British, to travel abroad. Italy and Greece were popular destinations. Travelers became enchanted by the ancient myths of those two countries and mythology became a popular motif in jewelry of that era. This ring can be worn by a man or woman.  It can also be placed on a chain or silk cord and worn as a necklace.

  • Creator/Maker: unknown
  • Date of Manufacture: Circa 1880
  • Era: Victorian
  • Metal:  18-karat yellow gold
  • Stones: One old mine cut diamond weighing approximately 0.28 carats
  • Report: No
  • Weight: 17.9 grams
  • Condition: Very good
  • Size: 9.5
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