Five Great Holiday Proposal Ideas
By Amber Michelle – Chief Curator & Storyteller

With the holidays here, you may be considering, or have decided, that it is time to take the next step in your relationship by making it official. And, of course, you want to make that moment as romantic and memorable as possible, the kind of epic moment that you can put on Instagram so all of your friends will see it. Someday, it will even be a great story to tell your grandchildren. The holidays are a magical time to propose, when you are surrounded by family, friends and lots of festivities. Here are a few suggestions on some brilliant ways to make your sweetie’s heart melt when you propose.


This fabulous flora is abundant during the holidays, so grab a piece and hang it from a doorway or other easily accessible area. Invite your love to meet you under the mistletoe. Once you are both there, get down on one knee and surprise her with a diamond engagement ring, then seal the deal with a kiss under the mistletoe.


There are a lot of variations on this theme. Many places have a tree on display somewhere during the holidays — think the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, or the version of that wherever you live. Invite her to go see the tree and propose when you get there.

You could also propose by the tree at home, when you are gathered with family and friends. Clue your pals in on the event so they can be ready to take some pictures for your Instagram account. Make sure the engagement ring is camera ready as you’ll probably want to post a picture of it as well.

If you are decorating a tree together, give her a special decoration to put on the tree…one that contains a diamond engagement ring. You’ll be able to find ornament-shaped boxes at craft stores, or online.


If you have a close family and you like to include them in everything, you may want to consider proposing during Christmas dinner. When everyone is gathered around the table and enjoying dessert, propose a toast and then propose to your honey. Keep a box of tissues handy for this proposal, as there is bound to be lots of hugging, laughing and tears of joy.


Everyone looks forward to opening their Christmas gifts. Put a couple of gifts under the tree, including an engagement ring wrapped to look like any other present. You can also use the ring as a stocking stuffer. Either way, you’ve made Christmas unforgettable.


New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating a new beginning. At the stroke of midnight, ask the question and ring in the New Year with your fiancée and the promise of your new life together.